DLT Services

MV37 provides technology enabled consulting services for our clients. What this means is that each consultant’s work is supplemented by tools, methods and materials to accelerate any engagement. These include:



Most DLT programmes have not yet delivered the business case or Return on Investment that was expected. Some of this is down to the management of the consortium or ecosystem that the ledger is distributed across.

SmartMV makes sure that the Why, What and How of a DLT programme are properly managed allowing the programme manager to be more effective and have more time for some of the more challenging aspects of managing a consortium e.g. managing stakeholders.

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DAML TRaining

The jewel in the Digital Asset Crown, DAML is a domain specific language targeted at cross party workflow applications. This new language is easy to read but hard to write. As it is targeted solely at the business process, it is very concise and quick to turn visions and ideas into working smart contract solutions.

MV37 provides training packages covering DAML authoring basics through to more advanced topics around the subject of cross party workflow.

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DAML enables the use of general purpose developers for any non workflow part of the solution. DAML Gen takes this a step further generating an enterprise ready front end based on the DAML. The resulting application creates an operational data store, a feed from the ledger to that store and a website running on top of both.

This allows iterative development of the DAML a step beyond the DAML Navigator available in the SDK.

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