About Us

In March 2016, Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo AI algorithm played one of the world's best Go players - Lee Sedol.

The AlphaGo AI was remarkable because it was not taught how to play Go, it was taught how to learn to play Go.

In game two of the five match series AlphaGo played a move that not only would no human have played, but one which the experts could not initially understand and thought was a mistake. This pivotal move led to AlphaGo winning the game and it went on to win the series 4-1

That move was Move 37.

Move 37 showed that with correct application of emerging technology, we can find new approaches to problems, rethink ways of operating and ultimately find new ways to win.

This is why we are called MV37. We strive to find the ‘Move 37’ moments in your business.


Our Team

We are a team of passionate and skilful technologists, data scientists, business analysts, designers and programme governance professionals, that bring an experimental but pragmatic approach to uncover the opportunities possible in your business.


Gareth Richardson

Gareth is Co-Founder and CEO of MV37. A career building and growing technology consulting firms, through the emerging trends of Client/Server, New Economy / eCommerce, Outsourcing, Agile Delivery, Big Data, Cloud and latterly AI and DLT. Gareth believes that all clients should leverage the power of technology and its ability to enable or re-write business models, to re-think their approaches to business.




Richard Miller

Richard is Co-Founder and Practice Lead for DLT and Blockchain. For 20 years, Richard has provided outstanding technology consultancy services in Capital Markets in places such as PwC, Evolution Consulting, Detica, Rule Financial and GFT. Recently Richard has delivered projects as diverse as building a full stack RFQ use case on the Digital Asset Platform and shaping an Azure cloud migration programme for a reinsurance investment manager.